Thyferra Force
Established 155 ABY
Headquartered in Byree Clearing, Thyferra
Force Cutlass Logo
Team Colors Sky Blue, Midnight Blue, and White


League/conference affiliations
Mascot Cutlass Curt
Management Personnel
Owner(s) Gark S'rily
General manager Jed Ortmeyer
Head Coach Pamila Korthe
Galactic Cups (0)
League championships (2)
224, 280, 282, 289
Conference championships ()
Playoff appearances (4)
269, 270, 271, 273
Home field(s)
Thyferra Stadium at Byree Clearing
Team Uniforms
Home colors
Away colors
Alternate colors


The Thyferra Force are a Limmie Futures League team from the Inner Rim world of Thyferra. They are the development affiliate for the Coruscant Senators of Elite League Limmie, having served in this capacity from 269-270 and 272 until the present. They are owned by Gark S'rily. The team, under rookie head coach Keli Sen, won the 280 Futures League title for their first league championship in almost six decades. Sen then guided to the Force to another LFL title in 282, which led to her being promoted to offensive coordinator for the Senators in the 283 season. Pamila Korthe led the team to an LFL title in 284, her first title as a head coach.

Roster Gallery Edit

All-Time Record Edit

Statistic Wins Losses Win %
Thyferra Force Friendlies record 1 1 .500
Thyferra Force regular season record (PLL) 14 8 .636
Thyferra Force regular season record (ELL) 3 4 .428
Thyferra Force regular season record (LFL) 39 37 .523
Thyferra Force Challenges record 3 0 1.000
Thyferra Force post-season record (non-LFL) 0 4 .000
Thyferra Force post-season record (LFL) 9 7 .562
All-time pre-, regular, and post-season 69 61 .530