The Super 16 Collegiate Limmie Conference, usually just known as the Super 16, is an intercollegiate athletic conference of Core world universities that compete in a variety of sports. The most prominent sport in the conference is co-ed limmie. Because of its history, the Super 16 is considered one of the most prominent athletic conferences in the galaxy and one of the "power conferences" in intercollegiate limmie. The winner of its limmie championship receives an automatic berth in the Carnation Bowl to play the champion of the Bakura 10 Conference.

The Super 16 has produced the two most recent Commissioners of the Elite League: Crendan and Niakara Kayl'hen. The current divisional alignments in the Super 16 are named for them.

Crendan Division Edit

  • Brentaal College of Commerce
  • Cinnagar Imperial College
  • Grand Vulpter System University
  • National University
  • The Ord Saboak University
  • Republican University
  • University of Corellia, Bella Vistal
  • Valorum University

Kayl'hen Division Edit

  • Chandrila A&M University
  • Citadel University of Anaxes
  • College of Fondordelphia
  • Coruscant Air Fleet Academy
  • Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
  • Duro State University
  • University of Coruscant
  • University of Kuat