Reggie Dun'lop
Biographical information
Homeworld Nadiem
Date of Birth 210 ABY
Date of Death
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Blue
Skin color Fair
Current season information
Team Nadiem Chiefs
Position Head Coach
Career information
As player:
As coach: 266 ABY―present
As management:

Reggie Dun'lop is a Human male who coaches the Nadiem Chiefs in Elite League Limmie.


Early YearsEdit

Reggie had always been involved in sports as a kid, even growing up on a backwater farm world in the Outer Rim. Having played limmie all through school, he had lots of practice and worked hard at strengthening his skills.

Playing careerEdit

When he reached college level, he received a scholarship to play limmie from a rather prestigious university off-world. He continued to have a highly successful career in the limmie leagues in the Outer Rim, from college leagues and into the minor leagues, and soon formed his own team: The Chiefs. He based the team on his home planet of Nadiem, which draw in money and more interest in to the small farming planet. In the early days of the Chiefs organization, Reggie Dun'lop ran the team himself. He was even a player/coach at the time. Having such a seasoned veteran running this new team on the small planet, the eye of the sports world was drawn to Nadiem. But soon, Reggie's age was fighting against him and hurting his personal stats as well as the teams overall record, so he made the decision to retire as a player and just stick with coaching the team.

Coaching careerEdit

After a number of competitive and successful seasons, some finagling was done with the organization's "front office" to look into getting into the galaxy's Elite League. Eventually, Reg was able to earn his team a spot in that galaxy-wide League.

Career recordEdit