Nadiem Chiefs
Established 266 ABY
Headquartered in Char'les'town, Nadiem
Team Colors Yellow, Blue, and White


League/conference affiliations
Management Personnel
Owner(s) Anita McCam
General manager Jo Mu Grath
Head Coach Reggie Dun'lop
Galactic Cups ()
  • none
League championships ()
Conference championships ()
Playoff appearances (3)
Home field(s)
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The Nadiem Chiefs is a team in Elite League Limmie that joined the League in the 266 ABY season. They hail from Char'les'town, Nadiem in the Outer Rim Territories and are led by Head Coach Reggie Dun'lop.


Formation of the teamEdit

After Reggie Dun'lop had a successful playing career in the limmie leagues in the Outer Rim Territories, he soon formed his own team: The Chiefs. He based the team on his home planet of Nadiem, which drew in money and more interest to the small farming planet. In the early days of the Chiefs organization, Reggie Dun'lop ran the team himself. He was even a player/coach at the time. Having such a seasoned veteran running this new team on the small planet, the eye of the sports world was drawn to Nadiem. But soon, Reggie's age was fighting against him and hurting his personal stats as well as the teams overall record, so he made the decision to retire as a player and just stick with coaching the team. After a number of competitive and successful seasons, some finagling was done with the organization's "front office" to look into getting into the galaxy's Elite League. Eventually, Reg was able to earn his team a spot in that galaxy-wide League.

Season-by-season recordEdit

Season GP W L GF GA Finish Playoffs
266 ABY 8 3 5 178 167 6th (of 9) Lost in Quarterfinals to Coruscant Senators
267 ABY - - - - - - -
268 ABY - - - - - - -
269 ABY - - - - - - -
270 ABY - - - - - - -

Current RosterEdit


Front Office and Coaching StaffEdit



The home stadium for the Chiefs is the War Memorial Stadium in Char'les'town on Nadiem.