Gayla Renhorn
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of Birth 247 ABY
Date of Death
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'11
Hair Color Medium brown
Eye Color Blue
Skin color Pale
Current season information
Team Coruscant Polytechnic Institute Mean Green, Onderon Crazy Dragons, Coruscant Senators
Position Midfield
Career information
As player: 4V at CorTech, Onderon, 271-273 Elite League Limmie, 274-277 Coruscant Senators, 278, Thyferra Force, Coruscant (1 game), 279, Thyferra - Coruscant
As coach:
As management:

Gayla was a midfielder in Elite League Limmie. She started off her pro career after being drafted #2 overall in the ELL Draft by the Onderon Crazy Dragons, and played her first three seasons there. However, the Senators, using talented prospect Zak Pers as trade bait, were able to acquire Gayla during the 274 offseason. She has played for the Senators for several seasons, but has recently hit hard times and now comes off the bench as a reserve.

She has a very fiery personality, sometimes chewing out others if they tick her off or rub her the wrong way. This has gotten her ejected multiple times in her career, and has given her a stigma of a real firebrand. However, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and teammates, and will do anything she can to stick up for them.

In a game in 274, Gayla was rocked early on and had to leave the game. When she returned later on, the song "Wild Thing" was played due to her personality. The Senators used this as motivation to get the win that week.

Her career never really took off, and some consider her somewhat of a bust given her high draft status yet low overall production on the field.

She finally retired after the 279 season instead of going through free agency.