Euceron Storm
Headquartered in Eusebus, Euceron
Team Colors Blue and white


League/conference affiliations
Management Personnel
Owner(s) Wilrax Tunran IV
General manager Aebatt Zargana
Head Coach Aebatt Zargana
Galactic Cups (0)
League championships (5)
  • Premier League (252, 253, 256, 259, 264)
Conference championships (1)
Playoff appearances (17+)
  • Premier League (243, 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 258, 259, 261, 264; records before 243 lost)
  • Elite League (265, 267, 274, 275, 276)
Home field(s)
Euceron Stadium
Team Uniforms
Home colors
Away colors
Alternate colors


Management, coaches, and other staffEdit

Position Name Species Gender Contract year Notes
Owner Wilrax Tunran IV Human Male The great-grandson of the original owner of the Storm, Wilrax IV assumed ownership of the team in 268 after his father died. He originally exerted very little direct control over the team, preferring to let the general manager and head coach deal with problems themselves, but in recent seasons has begun to take a more active role in managing the team.
General Manager/Head Coach Dr. Aebatt Zargana Human Female 279

Player rosterEdit

Following the tragedy at the end of the 278 season when Euceron Stadium was destroyed and almost the entire team was killed, and the team's bank accounts were hacked and drained, the Storm were forced to use a roster of rookie misfits for the 279 season. All players on the team make league minimum salary, are signed to one-year contracts, and are theoretically Ingbrand-eligible (though in reality, none of them have any shot at being nominated, much less winning).


  • Goalkeeper: Kohdi'orr (R) (Twi'lek, Male)
  • Left Corner Back: Chaffery Ordona (R) (Zabrak, Male)
  • Full Back: Yukkskka (R) (Wookiee, Male)
  • Right Corner Back: Shalla Lionne (A) (R) (Human, Female)
  • Left Half Back: Lyyr Duine (R) (Human, Female)
  • Center Half Back: Raynynn Ska'ia (R) (Bothan, Male)
  • Right Half Back: Kahpbei Kearren (R) (Human, Male)
  • Midfielder: Chibis Dweno (R) (Devaronian, Male)
  • Midfielder: Jalek Puto (C) (R) (Human, Male)
  • Left Half Forward: Larka Rka'sey (R) (Bothan, Female)
  • Center Half Forward: Gurm Nay'ryn (R) (Bothan, Male)
  • Right Half Forward: Pana Nelma (A) (R) (Twi'lek, Male)
  • Left Corner Forward: Darael Nightshade (R) (Human, Male)
  • Full Forward: Mungo Cornag (R) (Human, Male)
  • Right Corner Forward: Boga (R) (Rodian, Male)


  • Goalkeeper: Miri Skyff (R) (Hapan, Female)
  • Left Corner Back: Jatt Darklighter (R) (Human, Male)
  • Full Back: Seena Bonga (R) (Devaronian, Female)
  • Right Corner Back: Mokin Tavrus (R) (Zabrak, Male)
  • Left Half Back: Niasig Lyu'shyk (R) (Bothan, Female)
  • Center Half Back: Kruom Lor'kre (R) (Bothan, Male)
  • Right Half Back: Tolot'ra (R) (Twi'lek, Female)
  • Midfielder: Celiam Fresana (R) (Human, Male)
  • Midfielder: Garala Koor (R) (Human, Female)
  • Left Half Forward: Eursel Kar'skar (R) (Bothan, Male)
  • Center Half Forward: Akamel Elloinne (R) (Devaronian, Female)
  • Right Half Forward: Vorvrak (R) (Rodian, Male)
  • Left Corner Forward: Patrian Antles (R) (Human, Female)
  • Full Forward: Grouwieedo Paroreek (R) (Human, Male)
  • Right Corner Forward: Kelann Skyezsh (R) (Zabrak, Male)


  • (R) indicates rookie
  • (A) indicates assistant captain
  • (C) indicates captain