Elite League Limmie, (abbreviated ELL or sometimes known simply as the Elite League) is the most elite professional sports limmie league in the galaxy. With teams hailing from planets in the Core to the Outer Rim, they compete each year for the Galactic Cup of Limmie. The League is led by the Commissioner of the Elite League, often referred to just as the Commissioner.


The Elite League has several standing committees.

Membership CommitteeEdit

The Membership Committee evaluates all member teams annually to ensure that it is appropriate that each team continue as a member of the Elite League. In the event that there is a vacancy in the League, the Membership Committee evaluates professional limmie teams to determine their suitability as prospective new members. The Membership Committee does not decide who joins the Elite League. This is the provenance of the Board of Governors. However, the Membership Committee makes recommendations to the Board on new members and present research that ranges from the financial standing of a team to potential media broadcast revenues. The Membership Committee's recommendations usually carry a great deal of weight with the Board of Governors.

Final Site Selection CommitteeEdit

The Final Site Selection Committee, usually referred to as the Site Selection Committee, receives bids annually from worlds that wish to host the Galactic Cup Final. These bids are considered on a number of factors, which include the state of facilities at the planet's venue of choice, the fan experience, and overall League objectives for expanding the sport of limmie. Bids may be made by any planet, but are most often considered from planets that have an Elite League team and usually suggest that this team's venue is the site of the Final. In most of these instances, the member team sponsors the bid to increase its standing with the Site Selection Committee.


Since the start of the Crendan Era (246 ABY), there have been 37 different member squads that have played in at least one season. In the 278 ELL Season there were 12 teams divided into two 6-team conferences.

Current Conference Make-upEdit

Skywalker ConferenceEdit

Solo ConferenceEdit

Membership timeline Edit

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