Dirxx Horstse
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of Birth 236
Date of Death
Physical description
Species Besalisk
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Hair Color Brown-black
Eye Color Blue-green
Skin color Brown
Current season information
Team Coruscant Senators
Position HoF Player
Career information
As player: 262-270, 272-273 (with Senators), 271 (Wroona Islanders
As coach: 274-277, Half Backs Coach, Coruscant
As management:

Dirxx Horstse was a Limmie player for the Coruscant Senators of Elite League Limmie. He played Left Half Back (formerly a Right Half Back), and had been the team captain of the Senators ever since 262 until his retirement following the Galactic Cup Final in 273. He coached half backs for the Senators from 274 until the disastrous 277 season.

Nominated for the 272 Duchess Eldin Award.

He was inducted into the Limmie Hall of Fame on Empress Teta in the Class of 275.

Personal Life Edit

Dirxx has always been a very gregarious figure, usually extremely jovial in every respect, and tries to crack jokes when possible. It was a major paradox during his playing career, because he could be so focused on the game on the pitch, yet be so carefree off it.

He is married to Re'lia Horstse, the sister of Me'lin S'rily. The big joke here is that Gark S'rily, the General Manager of the Senators, is somehow related through marriage and kinship to his former team captain. He and his wife have a seven year-old Twi'lek daughter who was adopted, and a young year-old daughter Nadine who was conceived through sperm transplant from an unknown male Twi'lek.